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From Source to Shelf, a Round Up of Retail AI Innovation

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Our Resources

Discover how our industry experts have solved complex challenges for some of the world's largest retailers

Blue Yonder

We deliver decisions to retailers that boost revenues, increase margins and enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics

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Demand Forecast & Replenishment

How grocery retailers can achieve higher profits and optimal stock availability for every store

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Buying and Merchandising: Price Optimization

Delivering automated price decisions daily for grocery retailers

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – the new Era in Retail

Reality Check for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Practical Application

Demand Forecast & Replenishment

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Price Optimization

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Fashion's New Rules for Pricing

A Global Report on Key Consumer Trends Every Retailer Should Know

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Consumer Report

A global survey of 4,000 consumers shines light on customer experience in fresh and product availability


Six Key Findings on Why Grocers Need to Speed Up Decision-Making

A global study of 750 decision makers’ approach to delivering the best customer experience


McKinsey: The Secret to Smarter Fresh Food Replenishment Machine Learning

With machine-learning technology, retailers can address the common - and costly - problem of having too much or too little fresh food in stock.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Build Next Generation Solutions

Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt & Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

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Magazine zum Globus

The Premium Retailer Uses Artificial Intelligence to Improve Its Markdown Pricing Processes

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How Blue Yonder Used AI to Help the Fashion Retailer Improve Its Bottom Line in Russia

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How AI Transformed Store Replenishment at Morrisons

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OTTO Increases Sales While Growing Customer Expectations

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Kaufland Optimizes Its Replenishment Process

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Natsu Optimizes Its Sales Planning and Reduces Leftover Stock by 20%

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SELGROS Saves Distribution Costs for Advertising Materials

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Successful Demand Forecasting at dm

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Next Reports an Uplift in Sales Using a Machine Learning Solution

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