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From Source to Shelf, a Round Up of Retail AI Innovation

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Next Reports an Uplift in Sales Using a Machine Learning Solution

"The results were such a success that Next has decided to use Blue Yonder Customer Targeting going into the future."

Customer Targeting

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The Challenge

Next ist one of the UK’s largest retailers, offering high quality, expertly designed fashion, accessories, homeware and furniture. Each year, Next sends its catalog to a select group of customers. As part of their continuous improvement process, the retailer decided to look for new ways to identify their ideal customer base.

The Solution

Next and Blue Yonder worked together to evaluate the customer data and identify the best target demographic to receive certain marketing materials. Blue Yonder analyzed the data variables and attributes, such as customer location, provided by Next in order to select the most appropriate customers. Using this analysis, Customer Targeting identified the key customers for the Fall/Winter 2012 season.

The Results
  • Optimizes use of marketing spend
  • Maximized Sales

Businesses Using Customer Targeting

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