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“For our organization, it is critical to have the right amount of fresh meat available for the customers in each store. Automated replenishment based on accurate sales forecasts plays a key role. Working with Blue Yonder has resulted in significantly optimizing our processes.”

Ralph Dausch,
Executive Board Member of Fresh Meat Products, Kaufland

How AI Transformed Store Replenishment at Morrisons

This case study describes how in just 12 months, Blue Yonder optimized replenishment in all of Morrisons’ 491 stores, including 26,000 SKUs across 130 categories. This delivered up to a 30% reduction in shelf gaps and a 2-3 day reduction in stockholding in-store. Most importantly, it contributed to many more happy customers – demonstrated by the fact that Morrisons like-for-like sales rose 1.7% in the final quarter of 2016.

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OTTO Impresses Customers and Increases Sales at the Same Time

This case study describes Blue Yonder and OTTO’s predictive analytics projects to show how the retailer uses Price Optimization to improve its sales and maximize its profit. OTTO also uses Replenishment Optimization to vastly improve sales forecasts as well as reduce its return quota and end-of-season write-offs.

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Kaufland Optimizes Its Replenishment Process

With Blue Yonder, Kaufland’s daily replenishment process has reached a high level of automation, reducing the workload of individual stores. Not only has this reduced write-offs, but it also ensures that there is always on-shelf availability of products.

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Natsu Optimizes Its Sales Planning and Reduces Leftover Stock by 20%

Using Blue Yonder Replenishment Optimization, Natsu’s replenishment process is significantly more efficient and the ready-meal producer was able to reduce its write-offs by 20%. With more accurate forecasts, Natsu can better calculate its raw material orders and optimize its logistics.

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SELGROS Saves Distribution Costs for Advertising Materials

Blue Yonder Customer Targeting analyzes SELGROS customer data to identify the most promising customers for the catalog mail-out. The results are delivered to SELGROS Cash & Carry and can be automatically integrated into the campaign process. This way, only those customers whose purchasing decisions are positively influenced by advertising will receive a catalog.

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Successful Demand Forecasting at dm

In order to provide its customers with the ideal customer experience, the two things that are of utmost importance are product availability and good service. Using Blue Yonder Replenishment Optimization for staff planning as well as demand forecasts for industry partners, ensures both: satisfied customers and happier employees.

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Next Reports an Uplift in Sales Using a Machine Learning Solution

Blue Yonder uses Next’s customer data to create catalog mailing lists that deliver results. By analyzing customer shopping history, Blue Yonder Customer Targeting provides Next with a suggested mailing list of customers who are prompted to shop by the brand’s catalog, which has since led to an increase in sales numbers.

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Kaiser’s Tengelmann Automates Replenishment

At grocer Kaiser’s Tengelmann, implementing Blue Yonder Replenishment Optimization resulted in improved sales planning at an individual store level. At each of its locations, customer demand has been met while precise demand planning has also minimized write-offs and improved product availability for more customer satisfaction.

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Customer Quotes

Our biggest new initiative has been our new automated ordering system. The system is capital light, utilizing cloud technology and store specific historic sales data to forecast stock requirements. It is reducing costs and stock levels, while also saving time for colleagues, and providing a better offer for customers.

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We were convinced by the professional expertise and knowledge of the employees. Still, Blue Yonder first had to prove that the solution would work in practice, and they did that.

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For our organization, it is critical to have the right amount of fresh meat available for the customers in each store. Automated replenishment based on accurate sales forecasts plays a key role. Working with Blue Yonder has resulted in significantly optimizing our processes.

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The clear advantage from integrating Blue Yonder into our return forecasts is that connections have been found in previously structured and unstructured data with direct ties to returns. The resulting analysis possibilities offer us a lot of potential.

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Blue Yonder’s forecasting software was the only solution capable of intelligently forecasting the sales per store on a daily basis and the only one to consider external data as additional parameters.

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Blue Yonder gives us accurate demand forecasts so that we can minimize our leftover stock.

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out-of-stock rate reductions

Replenishment Optimization

Blue Yonder Replenishment Optimization is a machine learning solution that allows automated store replenishment, reducing out-of-stock rates by up to 80% without increasing waste or inventory.

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> 5%
increase in revenue and profits

Price Optimization

Blue Yonder Price Optimization is a machine learning solution that delivers retailers optimized pricing decisions for every product, while improving revenue and margins by over 5%.

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Our Customers