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Fashion's New Rules for Pricing

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Blue Yonder in the news


Retailers must get pricing right first time as shoppers let down by sales

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Discounting is Key Driver for Consumers Buying Fashion

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Blue Yonder’s Technology Delivers Improved Product Availability for Morrisons With Shelf Gaps Down 30%

Download | 64.62 KB


OTTO uses Blue Yonder to Increase Customer Demand Through Improved Delivery Times

The multichannel retailer has shortened delivery times and improved customer satisfaction with Blue Yonder Replenishment Optimization

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Blue Yonder Relies on Microsoft Azure for the Best Retail Decisions

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Blue Yonder launches Machine-Learning-Based Replenishment Optimization for Distribution Centers

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Blue Yonder Finds that 81% of Shoppers are unable to find what they want in store

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Research Finds that 68% of Shoppers Feel Disappointed with Freshness of their Grocery Shop

Download | 80.88 KB


New Blue Yonder Solution Helps Grocers Optimize Replenishment for Fresh Assortments

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New Research Shows Customer's Clock-Speed Surpassing Grocery Retail's Decision-Making Speed

Blue Yonder study shows grocers' decision-making is too slow for demand.

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46% of UK Grocery Retail Directors say Replenishment is Still Driven by Instinct

Our study shows that the way grocers replenish hurts customer experience.

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Blue Yonder Shortlisted for Retail Week Supply Chain Awards

We're a nominee for the brand new Disruptor of the Year category.

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Half of UK Consumers Are Willing to Pay More for Heatwave Survival Items

Retailers can capitalize on weather if they can balance stocks and pricing.

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Blue Yonder Builds Football Forecasting Algorithm for Euro 2016

France has a 34.1% chance of winning the cup, says founder Michael Feindt.

Download | 54.92 KB


Blue Yonder Founder Named As One of the Most Influential People in Data

DataIQ named Prof. Michael Feindt one of 2016’s top 100 data scientists.

Download | 48.37 KB


Nearly Half of Brits Unable to Buy Valentine's Day Gifts Due to Low Stock

Out-of-stock shelves leave lovers in a lurch and retailers losing sales.

Download | 207.93 KB


How Germany’s OTTO Uses Artificial Intelligence

OTTO is using an algorithm designed for the CERN laboratory to improve its activities.

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Ordering technology fills gaps at Morrisons

Morrisons has partnered with machine learning applications provider Blue Yonder to develop a new ordering system

Download | 704.31 KB


McKinsey: The Secret to Smarter Fresh Food Replenishment Machine Learning

With machine-learning technology, retailers can address the common—and costly—problem of having too much or too little fresh food in stock.

Download | 2.26 MB


Beyond Deep Learning and Neural Networks

HPC Today profiles founder Michael Feindt on the future of decision-making.

Download | 472.42 KB


Forecasts Fair for Retailers Leveraging Big Data

Predictive analytics sounds futuristic

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Retail Technologies Exposed

Not all innovation is equal, but data usage is a new must for retailers.

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Living by the Numbers: Big Data Knows What Your Future Holds

Data mining the new gold rush: Blue Yonder is among those on the frontier.

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