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With opimized processes and new services
redefine customer experience


With opimized processes and new services
redefine customer experience

New solutions for service providers

Learn from your data streams

There is hardly an industry that changes faster than telecommunications. The competitive pressures due to market saturation and increased competition force you as a service provider to optimize your processes. You need to set yourself apart from the competition by offering new services while at the same time enhancing the customer experience.


Big DataBig data can help you here. There is valuable information in the enormous data volumes that flow through your networks and in the millions of interactions with customers. The trick is to analyze it and use the information to boost your profits, for example, by personalizing customer services, developing new offers and optimizing churn management.

Discover more about your customers and how to retain them with predictive applications

How it works

Blue Yonder's predictive applications allow you to gain crucial insights into the behavior of your customers. The huge data sets you already have are analyzed in real time using self-learning algorithms, which identify and simulate behavior patterns. The forecasts are constantly adapted, giving you a continuous picture of changing behavior over the entire customer lifecycle. This allows you to predict developments before they occur and to use this knowledge to prevent customers leaving.




With Blue Yonder software you can analyze customer behavior and build valuable relationships




das Kundenverhalten  analysieren und profitable Beziehungen aufbauen
  • Investigate customer use habits in order to offer optimal service
  • Position individual marketing actions based on customer histories at the right time
  • Find and use the hidden relationships in the enormous quantities of customer data
  • Recognize behavior patterns that suggest a customer may be about to leave
  • Identify profitable customers and retain them with added services
  • Respond in real time to inconsistencies in customer use behavior



Determine customer value and avoid losing customers



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How Valuable Are Your Customers?
Predictive Analytics and the Customer Life Cycle


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