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Returns Optimization

Lower your rate of returns and save costs

Returns Optimization

Lower your rate of returns and save costs

Every return is a backward step in your quest for increased profits


Managing customer returns has become the number one success-critical factor in online retail commerce. On the one hand, returns are a fundamental part of the business model. On the other hand, they result in immense logistic and reprocessing costs and, in the worst case, write-offs of goods that can no longer be stored and shipped.



How can the rate of returns be reduced?

Knowing the reasons for returns means you can introduce measures to reduce them. With Blue Yonder, you have a high-performance software for recognizing those reasons and for making the right decisions.

Discover the reasons for returns so you can avoid them

For example, jeans that looked great on the computer screen turn out to be too long. Or maybe a light pink blouse is much darker in reality than online. Perhaps a dress ordered for a party on Saturday doesn’t arrive in time and is no longer needed.


Common reasons for returning goods:

  • A multiple order in differing sizes and/or colors
  • Different manufacturers have different fits
  • Unclear sizing/measurements
  • Product/color not as represented
  • Delivery times are too long
  • Late delivery when shipments are bundled
  • Inadequate product descriptions

Drastically reduce your returns rate with Blue Yonder and save millions in the process

With Blue Yonder, you will immediately identify the reasons for returns, quantify them and then introduce measures to proactively resolve the problem. The software links big data from various sources with one another to recognize relationships.




"Thanks to Blue Yonder, we are now able to link structured and unstructured data on returns. This complex analysis of big data helps us to drastically reduce our returns rate.”

Alexander Pompös, Project Lead, Supply and Category Management at OTTO






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OttoThe lower returns rate at OTTO has led to a reduction in costs of tens of millions.

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BARC Study
Big Data Use Cases 2015 −

Getting real on data monetization


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How exactly do companies get their prized Big Data treasures? The current 2015 study by the independent market analysts BARC examines Big Data application scenarios and their technological and organizational frameworks in companies worldwide.

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Customers who have reduced their returns rate with Blue Yonder




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