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Blue Yonder GmbH

Blue Yonder for the media industry

Successful in all channels: Retain customers and gain new ones

Blue Yonder for the media industry

Successful in all channels: Retain customers and gain new ones

Don't fear the digital future!



Print, online or TV: The media industry increasingly needs to adapt to digitalization and new media formats. Print editions in the publishing sector are declining and with customers expecting to pay less for advertising, revenues are falling. At the same time, digital media is becoming more important, which means that linking print and digital services is now an absolute necessity.

Innovative solutions transform ever-increasing data volumes into valuable information, which can be used to optimize processes and set up new (digital) business models. Those who capitalize on this are taking the first big step into the media future.


Meet this trend with Blue Yonder


Meet this trend with Blue Yonder



The powerful predictive applications from Blue Yonder help you make your processes more efficient and to expand your market presence. The software puts vast quantities of internal and external data into its analysis and provides precise customer behavior forecasts. These can be put to good use, for example to prevent subscribing customers from leaving.





 Blue Yonder customer analytics for successful
churn management



Forecast the likelihood of subscribing customers leaving
Get to know each individual customer in order to offer media in a more focused way
Determine and increase the value of each individual customer
Gain a detailed picture of each customer, using social media
Manage marketing measures and marketing campaigns based on accurate forecasts






Auflage besser planen

Plan your print editions better and reduce costs



 Accurate predictions for each point of sale on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis mean you are able to plan exactly when to print and so reduce your costs. Forward Demand, the SaaS solution for accurate demand planning, analyzes your internal sales data taking additional key factors into account, and then precisely forecasts the required number of copies for each location. This means you avoid both over-stock and under-stock situations. Your print-edition planning is then just as up to date as your content.


Fully exploit the potential of online marketing



Today, targeted online-advertising management is crucial for success in the tough, competitive world of display marketing. Only those who run successful campaigns get a share of customers' advertising budgets. Blue Yonder allows you to automate your campaign management and tailor advertising to your users’ profiles. Whether it is social media pages or dynamic banners linked to user interests, putting your advertising in the right context − through complete automation and permanently optimized interlinking of content − means you reach exactly the right target groups and greatly increase your conversion rates.

Get to know the possibilities of forward-looking
customer analytics with Blue Yonder.

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How Valuable Are Your Customers?
Predictive Analytics and the Customer Life Cycle


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BARC Study
Big Data Use Cases 2015 −

Getting real on data monetization


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How exactly do companies get their prized Big Data treasures? The current 2015 study by the independent market analysts BARC examines Big Data application scenarios and their technological and organizational frameworks in companies worldwide.

View the BARC study infographic here! 

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