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Blue Yonder GmbH

Blue Yonder for
financial service providers

Effectively evaluate risks and opportunities

Blue Yonder for
financial service providers

Effectively evaluate risks and opportunities

Gain a key competitive advantage with accurate forecasts



The recent digitization trend has strongly affected both business processes and customer behavior. As a result, large quantities of data accumulate, which hold valuable information. Insurance companies and banks can use this to offer their customers value-added, improve their efficiency and succeed in a competitive market.

Blue Yonder's easy-to-integrate predictive applications employ machine learning to provide accurate forecasts in real-time. You can use these to optimize your products and rates, improve customer service and carry out risk analysis and liquidity planning.



The advantages for insurance companies:
individual rates


Adapt prices and premiums


Optimize customer interactions

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"Blue Yonder uncovers relationships in a multiplicity of factors, for clearly-defined target groups. Using it, we can better recognize contractual risks and offer competitive car insurance rates. In addition, the software identified important characteristics for our price structuring so that we can offer individual rates, which are some of the best in the market"

Heinz Ohnmacht, Chairman of BGV/Badische Versicherungen






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Machine learning predictive analysis software allows BGV to determine the risk of contract termination and offer optimum premiums for its customers.

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The predictive analytics software for insurance companiesForecasts for Guaranteed Profits
The predictive analytics software for insurance companies

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The advantages for banks:
increased customer loyalty


Create long-term customer relationships


  • Determine decision-making habits of customers in order to develop customer retention and customer reward programs
  • Improve customer service through individual cross-selling and up-selling offers
  • Attain high customer loyalty and optimal sales per customer by means of consultation based on the customer life situation at a specific time
  • Determine the probability of customers leaving as well as customers willing to leave, and then retain them
Langfristige Kundenbeziehungen schaffen
Risiken vorausberechnen

Calculate risks ahead of time

  • Reduce losses due to credit risks through the evaluation of all data from operative systems and external sources
  • Generate scorecards on credit risk
  • Optimize liquidity planning through exact forecasts of the deposits and withdrawals to and from individual customer accounts
  • Maintain legal standards, make well-informed decisions and improve your financial results

Discover fraud


  • Reduce fraud rates without losing customers
  • Identify illegal business transactions, insider trading, the sale or provision of false information and fraudulent loan applications
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Advantage for Banks with Predictive AnalyticsAdvantage for Banks with Predictive Analytics
Turn data into capital with the best forecasts

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Financial service providers that are successfully using Blue Yonder


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